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English Edge is the best way to turbo-charge your professional growth. Its purpose oriented approach curates the right kind of courses meant only for you. Our goal-oriented teaching is focussed, practical and specific.

Professional Courses

Interview Edge

Get a job where you're truly appreciated: Interview Edge is designed to turbo charge your career as it prepares you for everything - from getting your resume right to negotiating your pay package. Transforming you into a confident converser when you are in the hot seat.

Rs. 4999

Professional Edge

Make Your Point With Power: To move up the corporate ladder faster than others you need to first get noticed. This is where Professional Edge can arm you with the soft skills to make the right impact.

Rs. 4999

Conversation Edge

Clear Entrance Exams with ease: The key difference between spoken and written English is grammar. While you may get away with a few mistakes while speaking, it becomes impossible to escape detection when appearing in written entrance exams like Bank PO, SSC, and Railways etc.

Rs. 3999

Grammar Edge

Speaking fluently without stumbling or hesitation: Networking and building relationships with others requires us to constantly talk to people. This is where Conversation Edge can help make a difference. Be it speaking to a prospective employer or conversing with clients on an overseas business trip.

Rs. 3999

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About Us

LIQVID is based on two root words: 'Liquidus' - Latin for 'fluid' or 'flowing', and 'Vid' - Sanskrit for 'to know'. Working over more than a decade on English Language education, Liqvid has amassed great knowledge and experience in designing programs for proficiency in English Language skills. With clientele including premium engineering institutes like IITs, universities like Allahabad and vocational institutes like Centum and Future group, LIQVID has succeeded in building up a formidable reputation in English Language Education. Liqvid believes in leveraging technology for better English education and today it is possibly the only company in India using a unique combination of content, platform and Analytics to transform English skills of learners. Belief in our vision has been affirmed with 10 years of successful business growth and recent funding from internationally recognized organizations such as the SBI (Japan) and the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC).